The Future is Here...

Adult video-on-demand provider AEBN is ready to introduce RealTouch, a virtual sex simulator that the company claims will “change adult entertainment forever.”

The device synchronizes with specially encoded content from AEBN’s video library, translating the on-screen action into sensations the user can feel as the video plays in real time.

“We’re excited to finally have a chance to show off what RealTouch can do,” said Brett Drysdale, product manager for RealTouch. “Everyone will be blown away – literally.”

I’ll say no more

Penis of the Week, Vol. 2

This weeks POW goes to the Banana Slug and not just because it’s super cute. These slugs are pretty fucking awesome! They’re hermaphrodites so when their intercoursin’ they actually put their little slug penises into eachother at the same time. I know, if only right? But the plot thickens:

sometimes, but not always, when they finish mating one slug will chew the penis completely off the other, a process called Apophallation. Sometimes it happens that both slugs engage in chewing so that at the end of the mating encounter, both slugs are penis-less.

You can watch the video here.

Noel's Room of Awesome

Denver transplant Noel S. Boyt is the best thing to happen to Seattle since sliced bread from the Franz Bakery Outlet Store on 19th and Jackson. The other night he was kind enough to take me on a short tour of the room in his house where he keeps all his rad shit. I’m telling you, this room has A LOT of rad shit. Too much to capture in one visit.

A few highlights (click to enlarge):









Self portrait










If you haven’t met Noel yet, I’m sure you will soon. Seattle’s lucky to have you bud.

talk about poor planning...

Save the Date


HP Movie Poster

Anyone up for a reception at Cinerama?

Now That's My Kinda Diet

Apparently, the only reason it works is because after it goes in your body it gets pulled right back out, repeatedly.

completely unnecessary

Is there no where else they can “develop” the neighborhood besides outside my window at work?


You Know You're a Fatty When...

You have dreams of it snowing, only instead of it snowing crystalline water ice, you dream of it snowing Chille Pork Verde. And while woman and children run frantically away from the neighborhood hoodlums launching Chile Pork Verde balls at anything that moves, you just stand there egging them on, catching them in your mouth.

I did not have this dream last night.

Senator Al Franken


Like most people, Marcello is enjoying the fact that you’re now able to stream many of your Netflix movies strait to your computer. Unlike most people, I’m just now learning about Netflix all together having just signed up for it’s service for the first time last week after receiving one of the best gifts ever this past holiday season.

I’ve spent the past several days adding movies to my “queue” and waiting in anticipation for them to arrive in my mailbox everyday. We’ll be seein ya, Blockbuster. Netflix is now backed 100% by me.

Netflix Que

Bi the way, w-t-fuck is up with Mamma Mia only getting 3.5 stars?

The Kind of Shit I Find...

…When digging through old messages in my gmail inbox.

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