Happy Thanksgiving




Today I turned 10,000 days old


Picture Messages... Finally

A small sample of images I’ve been able to send to rAnDoM people in my phone with no explanation. Thank you Apple/AT&T for catching up with the rest of the world.

If You Can't Say it in an Emoticon...

It aint worth saying.

Where the wild things ought to be




sunday night is, once again, my favorite night


The one thing I hate about leaving town is figuring out what to do with my pets. If it’s only for a few days, I’m comfortable leaving them with friends but anything more than that is too much to ask (Lucy’s been a real pain since she got her licence) I’m real particular about who I leave them with and since L.A. is filled with drug addicts and dudes who wear Ed Hardy, it’s extra hard to find someone I trust to watch my dogs. After searching the web forever, the wife and I found a boarding kennel with high marks so we thought we’d go check it out. I was SOLD within 3 seconds of walking in the door. I mean, if it’s good enough for the pets of Carl Winslow and Ricky Martin than surely Wank and Lucy will love it.


Too close for comfort

Every time I look outside it’s like we’re under attack.

Time lapse of what it would look like if I stood at the top of my street for a few hours and every thing around me moved super fast like in that one episode of Duck Tales where Scrooge saw his entire vault get emptied out in a matter of seconds.

On the bright side, the air quality in L.A. is already shit so I doubt this will make it much worse.


Today, after a lunch time chat with someone going through some roommate issues, I started thinking back to the last time I had roommates. It was the worst. To be fair, it was probably more my fault than theirs. I can’t imagine I’m the easiest dude to live with.

A point proven by this email I sent my last roommate after seeing him take his laptop into the bathroom…

bathroom email

Or this email I sent him while he had some friends over on a Tuesday night…

I hate you

And just so the blame isn’t entirely on my shoulders, here is what I once woke up to find on the living room floor after one of my two roommates moved out…

Free Shit

true life is more embarrassing than fiction

Today, for lunch, I ate a sandwich with only mustard because I couldn’t get the lid off the mayonnaise jar this morning.

Yeah Right

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