Tattoo of the week (Oscar Winning Movie Edition)

After writing it on his chest in marker and getting a good response, Launchpad decided to pull the trigger and get Miss Gump’s word of wisdom forever inked on his body. Jesse (and all of us really) FTW.


New Favorite!

Being in a new city is introducing me to LOADS of new awesome things that have been around for awhile, and I’m only just discovering them.

I’m sure I’ll find something today I like even better for now, this has the top spot

Pink Berry


Last night on of my clients at the bar was verbally expressing his excitement that Barack Obama won the presidency. I didn’t find anything funny about the situation until he signed his tab.


Blowing it!

Who cancels their cable three weeks before the Top Chef finale? Anyone want to meet me in 45 minutes at the Fox Sports Grill to see Carla throw an upset?

Top Chefs


That’s what Virgin Americas in-flight Internet service cost. Now If I’m willing to pay that for a two hour flight from LA to Seattle just to update this wannabe Queer Sighted, could someone tell me what’s stopping Kyle and Phil from updating for free from home?

LA Flight

I <3 the Internet

Dog 1

Dog 2

It's about time

Pizza Machine

Fightin' Cock Roaster

Besides hearing birds chirp outside my window, having a back yard and riding the bus with moms knitting in the seat next to me instead of urinating on it, one of the the major pluses to moving to Magnolia is the new dinner spot down the street: the Fightin’ Cock Roaster.

Cuban sandwiches for a five spot, Roasted Chicken with Rice and Beans, Pulled Pork, and muay and rojo spiced prawns. This place has Paseo beat by a horse (and/or Phil’s) dick.

This was like $6:

This Guy Was Somebody's Baby

Yearbook part II

Jerry Springer must have been awesome in 1995.

Jerry Springer

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